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4th - 11th August 2019
Are you ready for your Adventurous Trading Retreat?  
As our Valued IDTA Member here is Your Exclusive Invite to our
IDTA Trading Experience in the Beautiful Paradise of Bali
What Makes This PLATINUM IN PARADISE Experience Different?
The Program Has Been Developed With The Clear Intention Of Learning How To Trade In An Environment Of Relaxation And Balance
This program will deliver you a trading program that we can assure you, you will never forget! 
The agenda is action packed with health, fitness, trading techniques, tactics and a high level of education. After the classroom program completes you will get the chance to reward yourself by a day of adventure and fun! We will be spending the morning quad biking through the beautiful green fields of rice paddies, and the afternoon white water rafting through the Bali Mountains and water cascades, only to complete with a smorgasbord of Indonesian delights in a hidden restaurant amongst the jungle.
The reserved positions are limited so if you thought about accelerating your learning this year in your trading skillset then consider doing it in a retreat environment.
The Platinum in Paradise will allow you to understand the Daily, 60 Minute and 5 Minute Chart trading strategies in detail. When we combine these charts, and the 102 Range Charts, we have a great trading combination to take advantage of. The combination of these charts, in live market conditions, gives you an acute understanding about where the market is going and why.
The Platinum in Paradise will also give us a unique opportunity to trade the US Cash Market S&P 500 when the market opens. The S&P 500 Open is one of the most predictable market sessions in the world due to its volume and the number of traders focused on it.

 It will be a delight to coach a select group of traders live in this session as we seek to master our candle stick analysis, our lead in psychology, our larger chart Fibs and the very 101 and 102 strategies needed to strive for success.
Aside from the surroundings of beauty and the daily rituals of beach walks, yoga, relaxation, fresh tropical foods, and the chance to trade the US cash market at a reasonable hour together with an IDTA crew of members.
This Platinum in Paradise program is a 5-day learning & 1-day adventure retreat. The last day is pack up and depart the villa.  
This trading retreat is spent up close and personal with both Founders of IDTA, Lachy and Cam. The Platinum program has already been described by attendees as “Completely Life Changing”. Can you imagine when you add, the Retreat experience into the mix what the full program will be! Imagine awaking to a morning fitness and movement program on the beach, followed by a healthy continental breakfast, then to spend each day advancing your trading techniques, only to have a break some days with a massage, dinner and back to the program to trade the markets together with your other classmates through the evening.
This Platinum Program Retreat is a
5 Day Learning - 1 Day Adventure/team Building Experience
Departing the villa on the 7th day
Day 1 – Monday
  •  Body Movement
  •  Goal Setting
  •  Capital Projections
  •  The Foundation of Candle Stick Analysis
  •  The Foundation of Price Analysis
  •  An Introduction to Reading the Psychology of the Market
  •  Group Live Trading in the Market
Day 2 – Tuesday
  •  Body Movement
  •  Reconfirmation of Goal Setting
  •  5 Minute Chart Trading and Price Analysis
  •  Intermediate Candle Stick Analysis
  •  Intermediate Market Psychology Analysis
  •  Live Market Replay (LMR) Exercise
     “How could we have made more money last night?”
  •  Group Live Trading in the Market
Day 3 – Wednesday
  •  Body Movement
  •  5 Minute and Range Chart 
  •  Combination Trading 
  •  Advanced Candle Stick Analysis
  •  Advanced Market Psychology 
  •  Analysis Live Market Replay (LMR) exercise  
  •  Lachy’s Private Tips on Trading Psychology
  •  Group Live Trading in the Market
Day 4 – Thursday
  •  Body Movement
  •  60 Minute Chart Trading
  •  The Importance of Fibonacci and How to Use It
  •  Live Market Replay (LMR) exercise
  •  Lachy’s Private Risk Control Tips
  •  Trading Plan Development – Part 1
  •  Capital Projection Revisited
  •  Trading Psychology – “What it takes to get this right!” (a de-personalised approach to trading)
  •  Group Live Trading in the Market
Day 5 – Friday
  •  Body Movement
  •  Live Market Replay (LMR) Exercise
  •  Trading Plan Development – Part 2
  •  Signal Confirmation, Market Confirmation and Risk Confirmation
  •  Staying Accountable Post-Platinum
  •  Platinum Graduation
  •  You Will Also Have the Opportunity to “Fast track your Trading Education” with a Blend of One on One and Small Group Training Sessions, In and After the Classroom Sessions
  •  Platinum Graduation
Day 6 – Saturday
  •  Day of Adventure and Team Building 
  •  Full Day Tour to White Water Rafting and Quad Biking Through the Rice Paddies and Magnificent Waterfalls
  •  World Heritage Rainforest and the Assurance of a Fully Trained River Guide
  •  This is Your Day of Fun and Reward For the Huge Week of Commitment to Your Platinum Education
Day 7 – Sunday
  •  Day of Departure 
  •  Checkout from the Villas by 11am on Sunday
  •  There are options to go to a local beach club and spend
  •  the day if your flight is later in the day or evening, (this is a separate cost and arrangement is per person)
Speak to one of our education specialists!
THE BENEFITS of Participating in the PLATINUM in PARADISE PROGRAM are …
    6 full days and nights working closely with your mentors, 5 days learning how to trade. As well as trading in the live market each night, and on the 6th day team building & adventure activities with your colleagues, who are now friends in your trading community
   This program is the ultimate in advancing your Trading Psychology - Each day in the classroom you will be working closely with other traders and your mentors, to set powerful trading goals, which will set you up with positive success habits, for when you complete the program. As well as each night you will be trading the market directly with your mentors and the other group of traders
   An interactive environment for learning to trade with advanced skills amongst other members with like minds
   As a conjunct to the usual Australian Platinum course, you gain the  extra benefits of a structured lifestyle and personal growth program
   This Platinum Program has been designed specifically to build your confidence to go from Simulation to Trading Live
   The intention is to extend your brain and mind beyond your own limits by understanding more about yourself, and your own trading personality. Therefore this will reflect the choice of market you decide to trade
   One on One personalized small group coaching
   You will complete this program with the absolute understanding of how to combine the daily, 60 minute and 5 minute chart trading strategies. You will then be able to combine these charts with the 102 range charts to give you an almost perfect perspective on the markets and how to trade them
About The Presenters
Lachlan Elsworth
Lachlan Elsworth, is the founding Director, Head Coach, Presenter and the Architect behind the IDTA system that provides proven, professional trading strategy. Lachlan has been trading Shares, Options and Futures for over 20 years. For the past 10 years, Lachlan has been a full-time Futures Trader while teaching and presenting at over 500 events throughout Australia.
Cameron Buchanan
Cameron Buchanan, is Co-Founder of the academy, who provides the corporate background to the IDTA Company with  extensive experience in the global trading markets, he also has a professional history in the investment and property development industry. He is a teacher by trade and a passionate Day Trader and Mentor himself, Cam has spent considerable time cultivating trading and business relationships in China, India and Indonesia negotiating and promoting the Australian markets.
We have handpicked a relatively small personalized villa to stay in for this Platinum program, in the quaint town of Canggu. This little getaway situated only 3 minutes walk to one of Bali’s best surf spot, Echo Beach, has been designed to provide the comfort and as a second home during in Bali while carefully preserving the home warmth, glamorous and cozy ambiance.
Papillon Echo Beach comprises 51, villa and hotel rooms with pool and rural view and suite wrapped in contemporary, natural tropical architecture and completed with artistic features and a soothing décor accented with teakwood, stone, brass and timber over these three types of room.
swimming pools and seamless reception, Papillon Echo Beach is perfect for couples, surfers, and small group seeking the homelike within a refined atmosphere and awaits guests by holding philosophy ‘Home of Thousand Smiles’
 Papillon Echo Beach
Papillon Echo Beach is located in a popular beachside area, short walk about 200 metres from the lively Echo Beach, where there’s a wide choice of boutique shops, cafes and restaurants, vibrant live music venues, surf schools and lush spas.

Canggu is fast evolving into Bali's hippest beachside scene, with a laid-back vibe, numerous eateries, vibrant live music venues, yoga studios, spas and some chic beachwear boutiques all just short walk from the villa.

Echo Beach 0.3km
Canggu Club 2.5km
Naughty Nuri's Warung & Grill Batu Belig 3.5km
Potato Head Beach Club 3.9km
Sarong Restaurant 4.1km
 Canggu, Bali
This is a Unique Opportunity 
If this excites you, we'll work closely with you to make this your reality!
"We want you on this trip, so here's what we've done for you"
What's Included:
  •  5 days of your Platinum Educational Program
  •  2 Professional Educators - Founders of the Business Lachy and Cam
  •  Evening LIVE S&P 500 Trading - watch and execute the strategy in real time
  •  Powerful Group Mentoring, 1:1 Accountability and Strategy Sessions
  •  Post Program Bonus - 4 x 90 Minutes Advanced Coaching Webinars
  •  Platinum Graduation
  •  7 Nights & Days of Accommodation in Modern Villas (share rooms)
  •  All Meals & Accommodation
  •  3 x 1 Hour Body Treatments throughout your stay
  •  Daily Beach Walks and Meditation
  •  Daily Yoga and Body Movement 
  •  All Adventures - Quad Biking & White Water Rafting
What's Not Included:
  •  Flights
  •  Transport between airport and villa 
  •  Alcohol and Coffee (outside of the coffee offered)
  •  Laundry, spa packages and mini bar
What our students have said about The Platinum Program...
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