It's time to shift your thinking from
I Can't to I Can
If This is You... I will PERSONALLY Work With You One-On-One To Help You Achieve Your SHIFT towards finding Your Inner Peace, Happiness and a Purposeful Life!
**WARNING** This is your rare chance to get to work one-on-one with Kelly Lowry and the IDTA team to 10 x your life in 2018.  
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24th, 25th, 26th May 2019 - Limited Seats Available
"Be ready for the SHIFT to impact your life on every level!"
Hi There Shift Seeker!

It’s time to get BACK ON PURPOSE, Sounds simple right!

Perhaps it is ...

All you need is to feel a deep desire to make a shift and have the courage to see it through for a real change to take place. Given these 2 vital components can you step into the unknown and TRUST there will be a shift?

Let Me Assure You!

The shift program will awaken you to a deeper level where you will see and acknowledge yourself creating your own reality.

If you don’t own it, you can’t change it.

If no change takes place you will continue to create situations whereby you will be the victim of certain situations OR you always get to be the Martyr, toughing it out! 

If someone helps you build your house, who does it belong to, them or you? They only assisted you in building your house it’s your house after all.

-Do you feel stuck in certain areas of your life?
-Do you feel like some of these habits keep looping over and over again?
-Do you find yourself knowing that life is passing you by, and have you decided it’s time to set yourself free from these limitations?

These blocks and boundaries keep you imprisoned in a less than fulfilling reality. Unfortunately for many, this shift happens way to often at the end of their life story, don't let this be you..

If you answered yes to any of these questions then the shift program is definitely for you.
Excited to be working with you,
Danielle M, - 2017 June SHIFT Program 
Lachlan Elsworth - Expert International Trader, Entrepreneur and
Founder of IDTA - Talks  About 
What Working With Kelly Lowry Will Mean For YOU!
Madonna B  - 2017 June SHIFT Program 
Are You Ready To Really Take Your Life To The Next Level...?
WARNING: If This Page Is Online Right Now, It Means That A Few Seats Have Become Available And This Is Your Small Window Of Opportunity To Work Directly With Kelly Lowry And Her Amazing Team To 10 x Your Life!
When you experience the shift program, you will turn your 
'I CANT' into 'I CAN' with:

Skills and the experience to shift your thinking and behaviours around relationships, money, limiting beliefs, sabotaging patterns and unlocking blocked emotions

With the knowledge that you have awakened to a deeper level of yourself where you see yourself creating your own reality

Understanding that willingness is the key to make change happen in your life

Gaining the awareness of whether what you are seeking currently is hurting or healing you

Having learnt how to take full responsibility – WHICH MEANS you own the fact that you are the creator of your current reality

Techniques to release emotions in the moment, instead of bottling them up

Freedom from situations, habits and limits you don’t want to keep looping over and over

The ability to take swift action needed to initiate the changes in your life

Abundance of happiness and laughter

The SHIFT—illustrates HOW and WHY you would make the move from “what you DON’T want to what you DO WANT, then see it SHOW UP
Human Potential Coach, Business , Property and Mindset Presenter.
Strategist Mentor, Leadership Trainer, Futurist, Creative Innovator, Social Conscious Collaborator
Kelly has an extensive background spanning twenty seven years as a visionary and entrepreneur. Over this time Kelly has won many business awards and has presented on grander stage platforms around the world. Her background proving invaluable, with her greatest asset being her substantial knowledge in many different businesses inclusive of a solid foundation in property development.

 The success of all this wisdom has given her a platform to build a powerful network of business intelligence and opportunity. These days, after an extensive history operating in the private and corporate sectors, she is excited to bring the wisdom of her training and leanings to another of her pioneering personal growth workshops.

(The Shift) The intention is to enhance the foundations of the all people, from all walks of life, knowing that the ultimate success is growing your human potential further. Kelly is committed to teaching all levels of Conscious Growth Evolution, Social entrepreneurialism, wealth creation concepts, money structure investment and management, strategizing cashflow opportunities which will allow you to create the life you deserve. 

Her purpose is to be a guiding light to the people she works with and therefore showing an easier way in life to thrive as opposed to survive.
Kelly Lowry, Founder of The SHIFT Program, Is Prepped And Ready To IMPACT Your Life!
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You Could Literally Be Just A Few Small Tweaks Away From DOUBLING, TRIPLING, Or Even QUADRUPLING Your Momentum Towards Your Perfect Dream Life... But Do You Know Which Tweaks You Need To Make?

24 | 25 | 26 May 2019 - Limited Seats Available
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